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*Retiring April 2021* Sittingpretty Cheetara

Sire/Dam: Spottydreams On Safari Of Sittingpretty (F2 B) x Sittingpretty Hugo (F7 SBT)

Generation/Registration code: F3 C

Colour/Pattern: Brown (Black) Spotted

Date Of Birth: 12/03/2017

Sittingpretty Hugo F7
HCM Normal 16/03/2017
Pk Def Normal by parentage
PRA_b Normal

Sittingpretty Hugo

Simplystunning Soloman Of Sittingpretty F6

A1 Savannahs Prince Made F5

A1 Savannahs Swiss Project

Newhorizon Dinesty F4

Sittingpretty Supersonic F7

Sittingpretty Treacle F6

Purebliss Ultrasonic Of Sittingpretty F6

Sittingpretty Chewit F6
Pk Def Normal
PRA_b Normal

Sittingpretty Vienese Truffle F7
Pk Def Normal

Purebliss Dodger Of Sittingpretty F6

Purebliss Maid Marion Of Sittingpretty F6

Saltrock Sunflower Of Sittingpretty F5

Purebliss Finnbar

Tylands Shauna F4

Spottydreams On Safari Of Sittingpretty F2
HCM Normal 22/06/2017
Pk Def Normal by parentage
PRA_b Normal

Spottydreams On Safari Of Sittingpretty

Savannah4Ever King F5

Catticas Tikki

Cityofgold Machui

Akimba Jagular

Kiwanga Farra

Bundas Kima

Kiwanga Jendy

Hotspot Exotics Kazuri F1

MyMassai African Serval

Khamun African Serval

Tutan African Serval

Adniosh Amber Sunrise

Bundas Dances With Leopards

Littlestar Ioway

Cheeta is a home bred brown spotted Savannah girl of third generation. She is from Saffy's first litter which was outstanding. Cheeta stood out to me from birth and was named so because of her incredible coat and pattern.

Sittingpretty CheetaraSittingpretty Cheetara

So far, Cheeta has only produced girls, one of which (Sittingpretty Thelma) went to join Scottyspots as a future breeding queen. As Cheeta's mum Saffy sadly passed away in 2018, I am so pleased that her lines will be continued in Cheeta, her two half sisters Sittingpretty Electra and Sittingpretty Sirius and her own offspring.

Sittingpretty Thelma

Cheeta is long and leggy and stands tall. She looks like a wild cat and moves like a wild cat.

Sittingpretty CheetaraSittingpretty CheetaraSittingpretty Cheetara

She has the most superb pattern of tiny black spots against a buttery cream background. Her tiny spots continue all the way down her front and back legs and paws, further enhancing her wild look. When Cheeta was born, her contrast was so strong and coat so clear, that her markings looked to be painted on.

Sittingpretty CheetaraSittingpretty Cheetara

Cheeta has developed into a beautiful girl and has inherited her mums vibrant yellow eyes and strong tear stains that run down from the corners of them; a physical trait of the African Serval. She also has her mums very large ears that are wide at the base and rounded at the tips.

Sittingpretty Cheetara

Cheeta is a 'happy, go, lucky' kind of girl. She loves life and everyone and everything in it. She is just very sweet and mild mannered. She has proven to be a very dedicated mum and is very loyal in all of her relationships. She has recently formed a very close bond with Sittingpretty Sirius.

Sittingpretty CheetaraSittingpretty CheetaraSittingpretty Cheetara

Cheeta is registered active with The International Cat Association:

Tica Regsitration for Sittingpretty Monty Python

Cheeta is PK Def N/N normal by grandparentage/parentage (certificates available to view) and PRA-b normal by parentage:

Langford veterinary services genetic test results Langford veterinary services genetic test results

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