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TigerButterfly Bengals Rockstar Of Sittingpretty

*Now retired and looking for his forever home*

Wildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty

Sire/Dam: Griffes De Feu Lumpur x Guru One Shot

Generation/Registration code: F8 SBT

Colour/Pattern: Brown (Black) spotted

Date Of Birth: 29/06/2018

Griffes De Feu Lumpur F8
PK Def Normal
PRA_b Normal
HCM Normal 02/02/2018

Griffes De Feu Lumpur

Griffes De Feu Impressario F7

Afrikatte Moto Moto F6

Junglejem Wurthabob F5
HCM Normal 10/01/2013

Calcatta Xiao Xaio F5

Awagatti Slipper F6

Amantra Chiariscuro F9

Awagatti Rose Tatoo F5

Brownsugar Rhanya Forever F10

RW TGC Bodcaubayou Just Zack F9
HCM Normal 03/04/2017

CH Freedompride Zulu F8

Bodcaubayou Onya F8

Guru Ranya F10

RW SGC Mainstreet Full Throttle F9

Guru Napali

Guru One Shot F7
PRA_b Normal
HCM Normal 02/02/2018

Guru One Shot

Rainforest Okavango F6
HCM Normal 12/12/2019

Junglecats Joey Rico F7

RW DGC Junglekats Oceleot F6

Simplysimes Twilight F7

Rainforset Rihanni F5

Rainforest Kimosabe F6

RW SGC Rainforest Raining In My Heart F4

Guru Bayonetta F8

Guru Amarcord F8

Summerside Rainmaker F7

RW TGC Casarocca Shanti Takea F9
HCM Normal 15/05/2015

Guru Fate F7

DGC Casarocca Legilimens F6

Guru Tessalia

Tiger is a brown spotted Bengal boy of 8th generation from Wildwaters Bengals in Ireland. I have been searching for a good few years now for the right boy to come and join my Bengal breeding program and I knew he was the one from the moment I saw him!

Wildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty

Tiger proved fertile at 9 months of age and has already given me some incredible kittens including Sittingpretty Painted Lady who I am holding onto as a potential future breeding queen.

Sittingpretty Painted Lady

Tiger is the most beautiful boy with three shades of colour and almost arrowhead shaped rosetted spots. This is a pattern that I am keen to replicate as it closely resembles the markings of the Asian Leopard Cat. Likewise, he has the fabulous spotted legs/paws and whited undersides of his wild ancestors.

Wildwaters Tiger Of SittingprettyWildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty

Tiger is a big, strong and well muscled boy. He has a good body shape that is well proportioned with long back legs and a medium length fat tail.

Wildwaters Tiger Of SittingprettyWildwaters Tiger Of SittingprettyWildwaters Tiger Of SittingprettyWildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty

What really drew me to Tiger was his head shape and profile. He boasts a very lovely rounded back skull and a near straight profile with a slight dip. Equally, he has a nice eye shape that is not perfectly round but more oval. He has a wide nose bridge, puffy nose leather and puffy whisker pads. Tigers only downfall is that his ears are a little large and pointy and his chin could be stronger. Other than that, he is perfect to me!

Wildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty

Tiger is so relaxed that he is practically horizontal. He purred from the minute he arrived and he hasn't stopped since. He is just so loving, so care free and so happy! He gets on great with other cats and has formed an amazing relationship with my son.

Tiger and Buddy

Tiger is registered active with The International Cat Association:

Tica Regsitration for Wildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty

Tiger is PK Def N/N normal:

Langford veterinary services genetic test results

Tiger is PRA-b normal by parentage:

UC Davies blood group test resultsUC Davies blood group test results

Tigers blood group is type A or Type AB:

Tiger screened HCM normal 03/10/2019 and 04/05/2021:

Certificate of HCM testing Certificate of HCM testing
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