Bengal pairings Savannah pairings

Bengal pairings

During 2019, I have the following pairings planned:

Wildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty x Andina Black Cherry Of Sittingpretty

Babies born 07/04/2019

Wildwaters Tiger Of SittingprettyAndina Black Cherry Of Sittingpretty

This pairing combines two completely new lines to my breeding program and so I would be looking to keep a kitten to later pair to one of my silver girls or my other boy Monty. Though not visible, Cherry has beautiful large rosetting that will compliment Tigers fabulous markings nicely. Although I am not aware of Tiger carrying any colours, Cherry does carry sepia so potentially any offspring could also carry sepia. I would otherwise anticipate cool brown kittens from this pairing with jet black outlines. Cherry has beautiful eye shape, a wide nose bridge with puffy leather and fat whisker pads. If this could combine with Tigers fabulous head shape, profile and backskull, this could make for some very nice heads. The offspring from this pairing will be F9 SBT as Tiger is 8th generation.

Cherry has only produced one kitten so far and she is an outstanding seal mink:

Sittingpretty Strawberry Surprise 

Witnessed mating 06/03/2019

Wildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty x Sittingpretty Baby Love

Wildwaters Tiger Of SittingprettySittingpretty Baby Love

This is a very exciting pairing that combines fabulous lines with incredible type. As I believe Babs is homozygous for silver that would mean all offspring would be silver and hopefully without tarnish. These two cats have superb clear coats with three shades of colour and strong colour contrast. Both babs and Tiger have lovely medium length fat tails and whilst Babs has a lovely head front facing, her profile isnt perfect. That is where Tiger will hopefully correct that fault as he has a superb profile and rounded backskull. The offspring would be F8 SBT.

Babs has produced some beautiful clear coated silvers with fabulous markings:

Sittingpretty Wish Upon A Star Sittingpretty Buster


Witnessed mating 06/03/2019

Wildwaters Tiger Of Sittingpretty x Sittingpretty Wish Upon A Star

Wildwaters Tiger Of SittingprettySittingpretty Wish Upon A Star

Again, this is a very exciting pairing. I would anticipate the offspring to be similar to that of Tiger x Babs but I think this pairing will produce wilder looking offspring with smaller rosetting and stronger black outlines. Star has a fabulous head and profile which will compliment Tigers head perfectly as she is longer in the face than he is. Again she has a medium length fat tail. This pairing combines great lines and Star has the rare ALC Tariq of Buckholt in her pedigree. The offspring of this pairing will be F9 SBT.

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