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* Retiring early 2021* Gayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

Sire/Dam: Adfab Damian ( F6 SBT) x Gayzette Kym (F1 A)

Generation/Registration code: F2 B

Colour/Pattern: Brown (Black) Spotted

Date Of Birth: 05/03/2016

Adfab Damian F6

Purebliss Beelzebub

A1 Savannahs Titan

A1 Savannahs Mentor

A1 Savannahs Thriller

A1 Savannahs Ambition

A1 Savannahs Neptun

A1 Savannahs Spotlight

A1 Savannahs Allure

A1 Savannahs Swiss Project

A1 Savannahs Imperial Man

A1 Savannahs One Angel Togo

A1 Savannahs Goddess

A1 Savabnnahs Tiberious

A1 Savannahs Golden Girl

Gayzette Kym F1

Asita Of Gayzette African Serval

Sittingpretty Hugo

Mbube Of Gayzette African Serval

African Serval

African Serval

Zanta Jalia Of Gayzette African Serval

African Serval

African Serval

Gayzette Kipchak

Shadowsquad Joelle

Squiglee Joe Black

Tiosha Noushka

Gayzette Euphoria

Metallica Touch

Sahlahmah Anastacia

Cindy is an F2 B Brown spotted Savannah girl from Gayzette in Scotland. She is unusual in her colouring as she is cool in tone and dark in shade and often looks more like a silver savannah.

Gayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

Cindy carries for non Agouti so paired with any boy that also carries non Agouti, she can produce brown spotted, silver spotted, black and black smoke offspring.

Gayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

Cindy weighed 3kg at only four months old and as anticipated, she has grown into a large and solid girl. Her size and substantial build is something that she always passes onto her kittens. Cindy is well proportioned with a long body, long legs, a long neck and best of all, a fabulous short tail.

Gayzette Cinderella Of SittingprettyGayzette Cinderella Of SittingprettyGayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

Cindy is beautifully marked and her pattern has an excellent flow to it. She has a wealth of small, solid jet black spots and not a rosette in sight. Her coat is coarse, as it should be.

Gayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

From certain angles, Cindy is very Serval like with striking and wild looks. This is further enhanced by her highly desired black nose leather and strong black tear stain markings that run down from her vibrant yellow eyes. Whilst her ears are not very tall, they have great shape with a wide base and rounded tips. And when she puts them back, you can see her faint ocelli.

Gayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

Cindy is an absolute pleasure to have. She is such a loving and loyal girl with a fabulous temperament. She is very bonded to myself and my family and she made the best of friends with my son from the day she arrived. She is super confident and sociable and very much the lap cat. Being an early generation girl, she is very intelligent, full of energy and full of fun. She has yet to find her stop button!

Gayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

Cindy is registered active with The International Cat Association:

Tica Regsitration for Sittingpretty Monty Python

Cindy is PK Def N/N normal and PRA-b normal:

Langford veterinary services genetic test results

Cindy screened HCM normal 12/07/2018:

Certificate of HCM testing
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