Scottyspots Diana Of SttingprettySittingpretty Electra

* Now retired* Sittingpretty Autumn

Sire/Dam: Sittingpretty Hugo (F7 SBT) x Savannahdelight Effie

Generation/Registration code: F5 SBT

Colour/Pattern: Brown (Black) Spotted

Date Of Birth: 04/10/2018

Sittingpretty Hugo F7
HCM Normal 16/03/2017
Pk Def Normal by parentage
PRA_b Normal

Sittingpretty Hugo

Simplystunning Soloman Of Sittingpretty F6

A1 Savannahs Prince Made F5

A1 Savannahs Swiss Project

Newhorizon Dinesty F4

Sittingpretty Supersonic F7

Sittingpretty Treacle F6

Purebliss Ultrasonic Of Sittingpretty F6

Sittingpretty Chewit F6
Pk Def Normal
PRA_b Normal

Sittingpretty Vienese Truffle F7
Pk Def Normal

Purebliss Dodger Of Sittingpretty F6

Purebliss Maid Marion Of Sittingpretty F6

Saltrock Sunflower Of Sittingpretty F5

Purebliss Finnbar

Tylands Shauna F4

Savannahdelight Effie Of Sittingpretty F4
FIV/Felv Negative
Pk Def Normal
PRA_b Normal


Felinewild Oscar F7

Sittingpretty Treacle F6

A1 Savannahs Moondance F5

Purebliss Maid Marion Of Sittingpretty F6

Sittingpretty Venus Willams F7

Purebliss Reckless F6

Purebliss Naivasha Of Sittingpretty F6

Sittingpretty Queen Bee F3

Sittingpretty Dennis The Menace F7

Purebliss Dodger Of Sittingpretty F6

Purebliss Ultrasonic Of Sittingpretty F6

Northern Light Of Sittingpretty F2
Pk Def Normal
PRA_b Normal

A1 Savannahs Alpha

A1 Savannahs Moonshine F1

Autumn is a home bred F5 SBT brown spotted Savannah girl with four generations of Sittingpretty cats behind her. She is still a young maiden queen but she is developing beautifully. Whilst I have other brown spotted girls and I did not need to keep another, I feel Autumn has some fabulous traits to offer that are stronger than those of the other girls.

Sittingpretty Autumn

Autumn was from a litter of three and being very golden and very different to her siblings, she stood out to me straight away.

Sittingpretty Autumn

From birth, Autumn boasted an incredible pale gold (almost white) background colour with solid jet black spotting. Her spotting has a beautiful acreage to it which I really like as it sets her apart. Likewise, she had the strongest ocelli that I have ever seen on a kitten. Whilst she has retained the shape of the ocelli, the contrast has faded a little, as anticipated.

Sittingpretty AutumnSittingpretty Autumn

Autumn is developing into a leggy lady with good proportions. She has a particularly nice tail length which seems to pass down from her mum. Whilst her colour is darkening and contrast is less well defined, she has retained a lovely pale background set against dark spotting.

Sittingpretty AutumnSittingpretty AutumnSittingpretty Autumn

I particularly like Autumn's head shape with her profile having a long and angular shape. She has fabulous large ears that sit high up on the head, are deep at the base and rounded at the tips. Unfortunately her eyes are too round in shape but they have beautiful vibrant colouring and visible tear stains running down from them.

Sittingpretty AutumnSittingpretty AutumnSittingpretty AutumnSittingpretty Autumn

Autumn is a little princess and demands to be treated like one. She is very sweet and looks likes butter would not melt but she has a very mischievous and cheeky nature at times. She can be very affectionate and loves a cuddle but prefers to be on the ground running at speed or up high and climbing. She is a great hunter and thief and loves a feather wand toy.

Sittingpretty Autumn

Autumn gets on really well with people and other cats alike. She is the best of friends with my silver girl Diana.

Sittingpretty Autumn

Because Autumn and Diana are so close, I planned for them to be pregnant together in the hope that they would raise their babies together. Not only did this happen but they helped each other during the labours and even ate each others placentas. The whole experience was magical to watch. These girls have an unbreakable bond.

Sittingpretty Autumn

Autumn is registered active with The International Cat Association:

Tica Regsitration for Sittingpretty Monty Python

Autumn is PK Def N/N normal by grandparentage/parentage and PRA-b normal by parentage:

Langford veterinary services genetic test results Langford veterinary services genetic test resultsLangford veterinary services genetic test resultsLangford veterinary services genetic test results

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