Customer feedback

Below is a selection of the wonderful customer feedback that I have received over my years of breeding:

James Roberts

"I don't know where to begin!

I recently purchased our newest edition to the family, Norman. Rachel was absolutely fantastic throughout the whole process from placing a deposit to collecting our little monster. She's the sort of person who will only let her kittens go to a home she's certain he/she will be safe and thrive in!

I don't know what this lady does to raise such beautiful Savannahs but beauty is just one part of the equation. Norman is the most affectionate, loving and down right bonkers Savannah I've ever had the pleasure in meeting. He has such lovely temperament with all of the characteristics that you'd desire from a Savannah. He's forever climbing on your lap to give you that typical Savannah head butt!

We have a second Savannah purchased from a different breeder a number of years ago and they get on like a house on fire.

Rachel provided regular updates throughout the waiting process and on collection day we were greeted with a kitty hamper full of toys, essentials, documents and a family history tree! He was even neutered, microchipped, insured, TICA registered and vaccinated.

I couldn't recommend Rachel and Sittingpretty highly enough.

Thank you, truly."

Sittingpretty Norman

Daniel Fleming

"Such an amazing breeder and cats.

From first contact Rachel was perfect. Super friendly and helpful. And her knowledge and love for this breed are tremendous.

Any body thinking about getting a cat from her just get in touch and she will be able to answer any questions you have. And if you do end up with one of her kittys, you won't regret it!!!

Jack/Marco now settled in nicely!!!"

Sittingpretty Jack S

Helena Yvonne

"The first time I laid my eyes on Freddy (now Kailo), it was love at first sight.

From the moment I contacted Rachel, it was very clear that she cares deeply for all her cats. She was making sure that the home we provided for one of her kittens would be good enough.

Kailo is a little gem. He deeply adores ‘his brother’ and even our old grumpy DSH. He is so full of fun and playfulness, but also loves a cuddle and to sleep as close to us as possible on a cold day/night.

I’m so happy she picked us for her Freddy.

Thank you x"

Sittingpretty Freddy

Emma Hanny

"In these hard times (Covid-19), it took a huge amount of faith for her in me because I couldn't meet Rachel!

I have now had Carrie for two weeks! She is loving, confident, playful, just beautiful and all I ever hoped for.

Rachel knows her cats, is totally professional and I cannot recommend her highly enough."

Sittingpretty Carrie

Abi Main

"I would like to say a massive thank you for bringing a beautiful, loving and happy kitten into our lives.

Sittingpretty and all that Jazz (Jasmine) is settling into her new forever home extremely well. She is honestly everything we could have hoped for and more in a kitten. She has a wonderfully friendly, playful nature and quickly relaxed into her new surroundings.

From the time I reserved her to the time she arrived, Rachel regularly sent me photos and videos and let me know how she’d got on with any vaccinations etc. When Jasmine arrived, she came with a huge shopper bag full of toys, food and treats and even some litter, everything you need to get started.

I’ve no doubt Jasmine will grow and develop to become a wonderful adult cat and if anyone is thinking of taking on a kitten from Rachel then you can rest assured that Rachel is honest, professional, trustworthy, helpful and extremely knowledgeable about our feline friends! And she takes the time to get to know prospective owners.

Thank you again Rachel."

Sittingpretty And All That Jazz

Nataliya and David

"My wife spent a significant amount of time looking for the right breeder and believe me, she is very fussy!!! So when she found Rachel, researched her website and talked to her, she was sure that was our breeder.

Neko is an absolute joy! He is very versatile, affectionate, gentle and cuddly at night but energetic and even acrobatic at times during the day. He chases flies and always wins fearlessly, leaping in the air with little regard for where he lands.

He is a great addition to the family which includes a large dog with whom Neko enjoys many a boxing match.

Congratulations to Rachel for breeding such wonderful healthy pets. She will be our first choose if we decide to buy another Savannah or Bengal.

Thank you Rachel, you are doing a great job. X"

Sittingpretty Maneki Neko

David Redmore

"Having decided to extend our family of Savannah cats, we had a look through the cats that were available and came across Rachel's website Sittingpretty.

We then saw a photograph of an f5 kitten named Saffron who looked delightful so we arranged to drive across to too see her. Rachel was very helpful and accommodating in letting us see the kittens she had available and their parents which of course is so important in choosing a suitable cat.

Saffron proved to be a very lovely little kitten and also had a litter brother who was also quite charming so we ended up with two kittens instead of one.

All the relevant documentation was available and we had plenty of time to discuss the purchase of the kittens. Everything was dealt with in a professional manner and we were continuously updated about the progress of the kittens before they arrived. Both kittens were well socialised and friendly.

Kindly Rachel brought them across to us in Lancaster complete with food lots of toys comfy bedding and all the documentation.

They have both developed into extremely interesting characters. Saffron is quite a little pixie cat and is very endearing and has picked up lots of training tricks plus a very high pitched squeak! And being the only female in a pack of six cats, is quite bossy. Her brother Thaspius (Pumkin) is a little more aloof, much heavier set but still affectionate and loves nothing better than playing with toys and chasing bits across the kitchen floor. Most importantly they display all of the important Savannah characteristics; long legs, good spotting, perfect ears and beautiful eyes.

We can recommend Sittingpretty as a highly reputable breeder with high professional standards and have no hesitation in doing so."

Sittingpretty Saffron and Sittingpretty Pumpkin Pie

Haley Ellen Scott

"I have known Rachel for a few years now and always admired her cats.

I wanted a beautiful clear spotted coat to add to my breeding program as a breeder myself. The kitten had to come from an outstanding line that had been health tested and who was very affectionate and friendly as I have small children, so Rachel was the breeder to go to.

Thelma came all health tested with an outstanding kitten pack and a life time of support. Thelma walked out her carrier and just wanted love and head butts instantly! She’s now my constant shadow and she follows me everywhere! She responds to being called just like a dog and I trust her in every way.

The bond we have is indescribable and I can’t thank Rachel enough for an excellent queen to join my breeding program and my best friend to stay with me for life.

Haley At Scottyspots Cattery."

Sittingpretty Thelma

Caroline Byron

"It was a mission to drive to Rachel's to view Louise, an f4 Savannah. It was raining really badly and the roads were flooded. We almost turned around but we are so glad we didn't!

Rachel and I had exchanged a number of messages regarding Louise, prior to us viewing. We discussed our circumstances and why we were looking for a Savannah and our experience in owning other cats (we have 6 cats, 3 of which are Bengals!)

We met Rachel, obviously a very experienced breeder going by the information she was giving us. And she quite rightly asked us questions about our situation to ensure that we were the right family for one of her cats.

Rachel provided us with thorough paperwork, contracts and feeding guides to ensure we had as smooth a settling in period as possible with our new family member.

Unfortunately settling Louise into our mad family didn't happen as easily as we had hoped as it did take time to get her confidence up, but she was so worth that time! Louise now rules the roost and has such high energy. She is great fun to have around."

Sittingpretty Louise

Cathy Winston

"A responsible breeder who has beautiful, healthy cats.

She takes the time to get to know the potential owners also.

We have 2 beautiful Savannahs from her and would recommend her to anyone who is looking for quality and loving cats."

Sittingpretty Pepsi and Shirlie

Zoe and Dave Durber-Worrall

"We just wanted to say thank you so much for allowing us to be owned by your gorgeous boy Hamish.

From the first point of contact, we found you to be professional and knowledgeable and allowed us to ask numerous questions. We have wanted a high generation Savannah for a while and fell in love with Hamish as soon as we saw his photograph, he is stunning.

We found you to be very honest an upfront about the cost, potential behaviors and the amount of attention that Hamish requires.

When we came to visit we didn't feel pressured or pushed into agreeing to take him home (but to be honest the decision was already made) and we felt you gave us plenty of time with him before agreeing.

Since Hamish has come home there has never been a dull moment. He has settled well with our other cats and our dogs, although he is a little too curious about the tortoises.

He can open doors and loves to help himself to packets of treats, carrying them to me when he wants me to open them. He also has a habit of putting my laptop into flight mode without telling me then sitting back while I shout at the screen as to why I can't get Internet!

He has converted our other cats to raw and they are very happy with that.

He loves to sleep in our bed. Well when I say sleep, we have a routine first that can last around 40 minutes. This includes head butts, licks and love bites while climbing all over me before settling on my head or my chest. This is to be repeated around 4 am. He is the most loving boy and we cannot imagine our lives without him.

We are so grateful for your continued support and that we can still contact you for advice or to just pass on something else that he has done that has made us laugh.

If anyone is looking to be owned by a Savannah, we would highly recommend coming to you as a breeder.

Thank you once again."

Sittingpretty Hamish

"Stunning cats.

Rachel is very knowledgeable and friendly and continues to support years down the line. Her cats are loving and very confident, cheeky and funny.

I cannot recommend Sittingpretty enough"

Five Sittingpretty Cats

Zoe and Dave now have five Sittingpretty Cats!

Bob Wimpenny

"We share our home with 6 of Rachels cats (2 Bengals and 4 Savannahs), although it sometimes feels like they let us share their home!

Many years ago we got a kitten for our daughter from a farm quite a few miles away. It was intended to be an outdoor cat but my daughter got upset at the idea of it getting run over, lost or running away. So we agreed to keep the kitten indoors. Despite having most of the house to explore and play in, we decided that we should perhaps find the kitten a friend.

We started searching online and we were quite taken by a stunning looking silver and black spotted cat. We had never heard of a Bengal before (or indeed a Savannah) and after reading up and researching Bengals, we thought this cat would be a welcome and interesting addition to our family. This was our first introduction to Rachel and Sittingpretty Cats.

Despite researching and asking a lot of questions, we soon realised that Bengals (and later Savannahs) need a lot more attention and interaction than your standard moggy! Eventually, we managed to achieve a balance of work, home life and cat time.

Rachel was always on the end of an email answering questions relating to diet and toileting as we found that our Bengal had quite a sensitive stomach.

As time went on, we thought we had room for another family member. This time we bypassed the Internet and went straight to the Sittingpretty website, which to be honest we were always looking at. As a result, along came our first Sittingpretty Savannah cat.

Savannahs and Bengals are not recommended for anyone who doesn't have the time and patience required for these breeds. If you are thinking of taking on one of these breeds for the first time, you really need to do some serious research and perhaps some serious "soul searching". Can you give these cats the time and attention they require? And can you provide the significant financial contribution needed for their long term health and entertainment?

Our cats enjoy a high quality diet, two heavy duty scratch poles (having gone through several run of the mill ones) and a Maclaw wheel. And we are fortunate enough to have a small enclosed outdoor space.

We have kept Rachel updated with news and photos of all our cats. We regard ourselves as very experienced and knowledgeable owners yet we still turn to Rachel for advice on behaviour and diet as our cats get older.

We have 7 cats in total and although we feel that is enough for the space and attention that we can offer, never say never.

Ofcourse Rachel is not the only breeder out there but we just couldn't begin to imagine going anywhere else, if we decided to add to our family again.

When buying from Rachel, you can be assured that her cats have been hand reared, litter trained and in the best of health before she will let them leave. And she also provides an "aftercare package of advice" that never expires!"

Ex Bengal breeding Queen JazzEx breeding Queen CleoSittingpretty Black MagicSittingpretty Black BeautySittingpretty Black PantherEx breeding Queen Cherry

Trace Thomas

"I would recommend Rachel whole heartedly.

I had a boy Bengal cross who was badly in need of a friend. I spoke to Rachel who had an older retiree boy looking for his forever home. After a long phone conversation I was introduced to Polo.

Whilst very shy of the new hooman he immediately fell in love with his new brother and within one hour was curled up on the bed with him. The speed of the two kitties becoming best friends is a credit to Rachel's ability to socialise her cats."

Sittingpretty Polo Mint

Andrew Bowditch

"I recently acquired a stunning F3 C male savannah from Sittingpretty Cats.

Even though this was amidst the current pandemic of Covid-19, when it came to certain transactions and the overall process, the service from Sittingpretty Cats was more than helpful.

The included manual for the care and safety of the animals came in very useful, especially for us, being first time owners of a Savannah cat.

The animals are absolutely amazing, very healthy, very friendly and overall extremely loveable.

If you are reviewing this and perhaps looking for a Savannah yourself, I definitely recommend Rachel

Thank you, Andy and Aeryn."

Cat enclosure/Catio

Dawn Walker

"I would absolutely recommend Rachel at Sittingpretty Cats, myself and my husband have just welcomed home a beautiful Savannah from her and the whole experience from start to finish was what you would expect from an experienced and knowledgeable breeder, we couldn’t fault her in any way.

Our cat is happy and healthy, he has obviously come from a loving home and it goes without saying that he is totally gorgeous.

Rachel is happy to answer any questions you may have and puts you completely at ease, so friendly and accommodating.

If we decide to welcome another cat into our family in the future, we know who we will be contacting.

Thank you so much Rachel, you’re fab!"


Karmell Victorya Jenkins

"We decided to add to our fur family and contacted Rachel regarding a little female we had seen on the page, this little girl was called Rose.

I then messaged and spoke with Rachel and had a million questions, Rachel was so informative and helpful and just by speaking to her I could tell how much she loves everyone single one of her cats. This isn't a business it's her passion.

Rose who is now Lady Lana Rose is the most beautiful princess, we couldn't ask for a more perfect addition to our family.

I would highly recommend Rachel, she goes above and beyond and is always on hand."

Sittingpretty Madame Rose

Laura Mahar

"Firstly I'd like to say how wonderful I thought your website was, it had all the information I wanted and gave me a great first impression. It was obvious from then that you cared a lot about your cats and the homes they would go to.

I was amazed how quickly and kindly you responded to my initial enquiry about 'Etch' now known as WiFi. You offered me all the information I requested and put me at ease straight away. It was so refreshing to meet someone who wanted to check up on me and make sure I was right. I'd done my research and knew that a Bengal was for me. So I reserved WiFi and came to collect him within a few days.

I was met with a lovely friendly welcome and was amazed with the set up you had for your kittens. It was clear to see the love, care and attention you give everyone of your babies.

Soon after bringing WiFi home you were there every step of the way to help me with advice day and night! I can honestly say I have learnt such a lot from you. You have always been keen to keep in touch and find out how the boys are doing, despite having your hands full. It is clear you have a real passion and dedication towards your cats!

WiFi quickly became part of the family but I felt he needed a friend. I contacted you and you helped me to find Pixel. He arrived just before Christmas and settled in so quickly. The boys have completely opposite personalities but their temperament is wonderful.

I have a young daughter and the boys are fab with her. I honestly can't remember what life was like without them, they provide love, affection and hours of entertainment. I only wish I could have more!

I would just like to thank you for allowing me the opportunity to own my two beautiful boys. The really have brought an awful lot of joy to our house... Along with a lot of toys, and cat trees!!"

Sittingpretty Etch A Sketch and Sittingpretty Pixel

"I first became the very proud owner of a Sittingpretty brown rosetted Bengal cat whom we named WiFi back in 2013.

It took me a long time to find a breeder that I was comfortable with. It was clear straight away that Rachel wasn’t the kind of breeder in it for the money, she was someone who really loved cats and honestly cared where and who her cats were going to.

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to have a further two Bengals from Rachel; Pixel a seal lynx point and JJ, another brown rosetted Bengal. They are both amazing and came to me well adjusted and healthy.

I wouldn’t ever purchase another cat from anyone else, unless Rachel herself recommended the breeder to me and even then it would have to be because she didn’t have any!

Rachel has focused on breeding excellent cats and developing their best traits through carefully planned matings. It is clear to see how wonderful they all are!

After choosing a kitten from Rachel, she would send me regular updates on how they were doing right up until the point where I could collect them. Rachel let me visit the boys in her home and I was able to see for myself what a wonderful setup she has. Each and everyone of her cats and kittens were happy, healthy and well adjusted to their surroundings.

She’s also shared lots of videos of her setup on Instagram for all to see. You only need to watch those and see the photos to see what an amazing relationship she has with each and everyone of her cats. She truly cares about ensuring they live a wonderful pampered life and aren’t just there to be bred. I love following all of their stories and I’m forever falling in love with them.

When you get a Sittingpretty cat you are not only getting a truly special animal, whom will be a lifelong friend and the wonderful package that Rachel puts together, you are also getting life long advice, support and friendship.

Without being overbearing, Rachel takes a genuine interest in how my boys are doing and keenly follows them on Instagram. If I’ve ever have a problem, she has been there to offer support.

One of my boys JJ, sadly had to have his front leg amputated a few years ago. It was traumatic for JJ and for me. I reached out to Rachel for advice and she helped me get through such a scary time. JJ came out on the other side, just as wonderful as ever and does not let 3 legs slow him down!

All I can say is thank you Rachel. For all the hard work you put in and for allowing me to own such wonderful boys whom fill out house with fun! They boys say Hi!"

Sittingpretty PixelSittingpretty Jazzy Jeff

Kacper Kinstler

"It is our opinion about buying experience:

I have found Rachel's website while browsing for Savannah kittens and it's professional design and essential information about cats caught my attention.

Having bad experience with online scammers, I instantly knew I am in the right place. Never mind her busy schedule (and mine) Rachel found some time for me and my daughter to come over and spend time with her cats and answered our questions.

Our cat-Tom was hiding well during our visit but we liked him anyway. Took him few days to settle down in the new place but it was worth waiting.

Rachel prepared all paper work and neutered Tom before arrival. Provided samples of food, toys and supporting information how to look after kittens in their first days. Stayed in touch answering my questions via emails and that made things much easier.

All in all a great experience. I highly recommend Rachel if you are looking for pedigree cat or kitten. You will not be disappointed."

Sittingpretty Tangy Tom

"I could write a lot about my long experience with Rachel running Sittingpretty Cats. Passionate and knowledgeable person who cares for customers and her cats not only when she sells them carefully to their new homes.

I have had 3 cats from Rachel already. Unfortunately my beloved Tom got ill and is not with me anymore physically but always in my heart. His sister Disco and her best mate Twiggy filled the gap after Tom left us.

This breed is special and gets attached to humans creating concrete bond. They need attention and good care, like all animals. Rachel is always happy to guide and advice if in doubt .

Our family life is changed forever having our two girls with us. It’s hard to describe how important is to have a good and reliable breeder like Rachel.

I would recommend her to all of you thinking about buying your new, little friend for life."

Sittingpretty Disco and Sittingpretty Twiggy

Robert Jennings

"We would just like to explain how pleased we are with Anya.

It has taken me around three years of research to find someone in the UK who we felt would be able to provide a healthy Savannah and we couldn’t be happier with the decision to take Anya from you.

She is the most well adjusted, perfectly house trained and gorgeous cat of any description we have had the good fortune to come across. She has such a lovely loving temperament without any little idiosyncrasies that might have resulted in her becoming stressed in a new environment.

In fact she has taken it all in her stride and is now a thoroughly loved and integrated member of the house, bringing an incredible sense of fun and lots of laughter with her antics and inquisitive nature.

The help, advice and discussions we had with you made things much easier to get Anya home and settled and all the help once we had her home was greatly appreciated. As indeed was the massive pack of food, toys and information that you provided and which was completely unexpected.

Those that are looking to take on the whirlwind that is a Savannah they really could not do better than to get in touch with you.

Thanks again, if anyone would like to speak to me directly I’d be more than happy to explain how well things have been with our dealings with you."

Sittingpretty Anya

Jackie Jones

"Rachel is a hard working conscientious breeder and her kittens are amazing examples of their breed.

My Sinbad is a great character and very special . He always makes me smile with his antics and so mini Serval."

Sittingpretty Sinbad The Sailor

Nicky Austin

"I have 2 cats from Rachel. One was purchased after finding her online and being invited into her home to visit and decide with no pressure whether I'd like to take her. The second was purchased after meeting him at the same time, going home and thinking about him for days and then deciding to go back for him.

He had been purchased by someone else who didn't love him. They had contacted Rachel to tell her that they didn't want him and Rachel sent her husband to go and collect him and bring him home.

On hearing his story and that Rachel was responsible and loving enough to go get him back, I knew I could give him a loving home.

Rachel was in hospital having her baby shortly after I got my first cat from her and yet she still managed to keep in touch with me and alleviate any concerns I had as a new Bengal owner no matter how silly they were!

I would highly recommend Rachel. The cats are beautiful and healthy, her contact and support is basically lifelong and she really genuinely cares about her cats and their new families."

Sittingpretty Little Mix and Sittingpretty Arthur

Andrea Hinchcliffe

"Firstly I would like to thank you for giving us the opportunity to have Storm as part of our family.

When we decided that we wanted a Bengal cat, I looked on the Internet and found numerous web sites, then I came across yours. After looking through it I saw Storm. He was perfect for what we were looking for.

Being a bit dubious because I have never been to a breeder before, I decided to enquire about him. Your reply came back quickly and from that moment I knew I had made the right decision. You made me feel at ease and it was obvious by the way you spoke that everything you have put on your web site is true. You really do have a passion for your cats and you do care about them.

You kept us informed about him right up to the day we came to view him and since the day I brought him home you have kept in touch. You have been there when I asked for advice when I was worried about him and I know I can always ask you for advice if I need it in the future.

Storm seems happy with us and I wouldn't like to be without him now and its all thanks to you.

Thank you once again Rachel."

Sittingpretty Storm Trooper

Jo Little

"I would like to start by saying thank you to Rachel for breeding the most stunning kitten, looks and personality. Dodger has settled in so well in our home with my other two boys. He's such a character!!

Also I would like to thank Rachel for being so easily contactable and always sending updated pictures and videos until he was old enough to come home with me.

Rachel is so knowledgeable as a breeder and cat owner and has and even still gives me any information requested from me.

The set up at Rachel's cattery is so well done and so clean and we were also made to feel very welcome. I would always recommend Rachel as a breeder and in fact, if I ever wanted any more kittens I would go to Rachel again and again even if it is a four hour drive from me!!

It's clear when you visit that each and every cat is looked after so well and loved by you!!

Thank you for everything Rachel and Dodger sends kisses your way xxx"


"I highly recommend Rachel as a breeder... my Bengal boy from her is the healthiest boy out of my three (two of which were not from Rachel).

Rachel is always there to give me advice, even when my a*****e neighbours had a feral colony that I ended up looking after and eventually finding homes for, she was there with her support and advice with them too. She even reached out to all of her cat loving community and I had lots of help.

Rachel loves her cats and I think its lovely she still likes to remain in touch after they've left her. If I had all the money in the world I'd buy all of Rachel's kittens xxxxxx"

Sittingpretty Artful Dodger

Kay Usher

"My very first Savannah cat Dorian (Sittingpretty Jasper) is a very special boy who was a gift from a partner and spent most of the viewing under the sofa as he wasn't quite sure about the strange hoomin! Despite that I fell in love and before long he came home with me and made himself at home in my house.

Imagine my face when I come in to discover he's decided, after watching us use the toilet, that it seemed like fun and potty trained himself! And that wasn't all this little spotted genius taught himself. I suffer with anxiety. He figured out that he could get me to lay down and he could lie down on my chest, providing a kind of "weighted blanket" sensation that helps with the anxiety. Not satisfied with that though, he also learned to carefully take my glasses off with his teeth and put them on the side!

Okay, so he cannonballs off my wardrobe at 3am and never shuts up but he is by far the most amazing and intelligent cat I've ever owned. And it's safe to say he's been a big help with my anxiety issues, even traveling with me to different places when necessary!

Thank you again Rachel for giving me the opportunity to own this wonderful creature."

Sittingpretty Jasper

Richard Ackroyd

"After deciding that a Bengal was the cat for me, I spent months looking at different websites and I found Sittingpretty Cats.

The website has very good information, is easy to use and well set out. After reading Rachel's website, I came across Sittingpretty Cuckoo and knew he was the cat for me; everything I was looking for and at a reasonable price.

I have never been to a breeder before but from the moment I made my enquiry, I knew I had made the right decision. Rachel is friendly and answers your emails quickly.

After viewing Cuckoo, you could see that everything Rachel had written on her website was true, so I paid in full. Rachel kept me updated on his progress and sent me photos until it was time to pick him up.

Cuckoo who is called Makulu now is a stunning kitten. His markings are amazing and his fur is so soft. Everybody who sees him loves him, especially my niece and nephew. He fitted in so quickly with my other moggie cat but I felt he needed someone his own age. So I decided to look at getting a Savannah and in the the end I got Sittingpretty Louis, now Shango.

I am so glad I did because the two of them are like brothers. Makulu likes to play and run around Shango is more the cheeky cute one who loves being around people where he can get stroked.

If you are looking for a very friendly socialized kitten you wont go wrong with Rachel. I love my two mad cats."

Sittingpretty Cuckoo and Sittingpretty Louis

"I have three of Rachel's cats. I got 2 as kittens and one adult I re homed off another customer.

Her cats are very well socialized and you can see the work and effort that's gone into them because I've had none of the behavioral problems I see with cats that don't have the same attention at an early age. You certainly get what you pay for with these cats.

With the support you get after they're gone, I can still ask questions about them 4 years after getting them and they'll be answered even though she doesn't really have to. I would have more of her cats if I had the room."

Sittingpretty Bailey

Claire Neilson

"We got our beautiful boy from Rachel, the knowledge and care she posses for her cats is second to none and I wouldn’t hesitate getting another cat from her again.

We are so thankful as Rachel made our Savannah such a beautiful, happy soul who gives such wonderful affection and laughs with his naughtiness and I wouldn’t have him any other way!

I highly recommend her all the way!"


Katharine Toledo

"Rachel has always been there to answer my questions whenever I’ve thrown them at her despite being incredibly busy with her cats and family. I can’t thank her enough for always being “on hand” and going above and beyond with advice and support even four years down the line.

I unfortunately only have one cat now due to losing Bibi not too long ago but I know if I were to get another one Rachel would provide the same amazing care and commitment. These cats are the most friendly and amazing personality wise.

Thank you for letting me have the absolute pleasure of having your fur babies in my life."

Sittingpretty Jack Frost and Bibi

Carlie Whitaker

"When looking for our recent additions we came across Rachel who from the very beginning acted in a very professional and knowledgeable manner.

At first we were a little uncertain to which breed would best suit us but Rachel was more than happy to give us plenty of information and made us feel relaxed when visiting the kittens.

In the end, we liked both breeds as they both have their own quirky characteristics. Both Foxy (Bengal) and Rory (Savannah) settled in to their new home really quickly and both are growing up to be amazing cats.

We cannot thank Rachel enough for the help and support that she gave us throughout the process and would recommend anyone looking for a feline pet to get in touch with Rachel."

Sittingpretty Matey and Sittingpretty Foxy Brown

Denise Harris

"Three weeks ago we became the proud owners of Sittingpretty Stargazer, or Cosmo for short. We are completely in love with our silver Bengal bred by Rachel.

From when he became available until the day we picked him up (and even now), Rachel has answered all our questions and sent us regular pictures and videos.

We live a long way away and had a very short time frame to be able to pick him up due to boat times but Rachel let us visit the night before and sort all the paperwork so we wouldn't be delayed on pick up day. She spent a lot of time with us when I know she was extremely busy with other kittens, to show us her cats and let us bond with Cosmo.

He is such a good natured sweet cat and is full of love and loyalty. We are so happy with the addition to our family.

We would whole heartedly recommend Rachel to anyone looking to purchase a kitten, it's very clear she loves her kittens and this is reflected in their good nature, beautiful coats and general wellbeing."

Sittingpretty Stargazer

Danielle Hardy

"What can I say, Rachel was there for me from the very beginning with Archie and he’s turned out to be the most loving, handsome but very cheeky little Savannah!

Starting out, caring for him was and still is the easiest thing you can do. She helped from injections, diet, overall care of him and it still helps me today.

I’ve followed the page for nearly 7 years and the Bengal and Savannah cats are absolutely beautiful and she puts her heart and soul into everyday to care for them all.

He’s part of the family and I can’t thank you enough!"

Sittingpretty Wham Bar

Sheila Wales

"I went looking for a friend for my boisterous Bengal boy, finding Rachel Hartley of Sittingpretty Cats.

I decided to purchase a Savannah kitten. The kitten I chose is now named Merlin. He came from a scrupulously clean and very well kept cattery with a full health guarantee.

Rachel is knowledgeable about both of her breeds of cats and offers a friendly lifetime of support and advice for your kitten. If purchasing another kitten I would certainly return here.

Merlin is of a good breed standard with a superb friendly nature and temperament with quality for breed or show.

I would recommend Sittingpretty Cats without hesitation."


"I met Rachel in 2015 when I went to see a kitten, I traveled from Scotland to Yorkshire.

Rachel was very friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the Savannah breed and the cats she had. I left taking my kitten Merlin home with me, a bundle of happy, healthy joy. It was the beginning of a love affair with him and a strong friendship with Rachel.

Financially, because this concerns people, I found Rachel to be honest and upfront with the price I paid for Merlin very fair, my money had a clear trail as I paid by bank transfer as requested so everything was clear and above board, no cash payments put in the pocket that you get with back yard breeders, yes Rachel’s business is transparent.

Merlin is the love of my life, well bred with great knowledge and a lifetimes support from Rachel which has turned into a good friendship I could never pay for!"

Sittingpretty Sir Spots Alot

Carole Thompson

"I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your kindness and honesty when purchasing Dennis. Your business ethic is impeccable.

It was clearly evident from the outset that your priority is the welfare and happiness of your beloved cats. The fact that you are so thorough in your checks of potential  buyers simply confirms this.

You are to be commended as a breeder, I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone seeking a beautiful cat.

Dennis has brought me so much pleasure already, he is so loving, my perfect companion."

Sittingpretty Dennis The Menace

Mark Robson

"We cannot recommend Rachel and Sittingpretty Cats highly enough.

From making an enquiry about our Bengal kittens to collecting our beautiful Sittingpretty Batman (Albi) and Sittingpretty Robin (Bailey), she was very knowledgeable, helpful and professional.

Our two boys are settling in and are an absolute joy, which is a reflection in itself as to Sittingpretty's dedication and work into breeding top class Bengals."

Sittingpretty Batman and Robin

Patricia Kelly

"Rachel is the BEST!!!!

We have three Sittingpretty cats, the first arrived nearly 9 years ago. Not only has Rachel always been on hand for advice, support, suggestions, and information, she cares deeply about each and every one of her kittens, knows them by name, and remembers all sorts of details about them. The cats themselves are adorable, feisty, affectionate, gorgeous.

Thank you Rachel."

Sittingpretty My fair Lady, Sittingpretty Sand Dune and Sittingpretty Blue Ocean

Lynden Wheatley

"Firstly myself and my family would like to thank you. From the moment we enquired to the visit to your home, this is not a business. All the effort you clearly put into your cats / kittens shows in the confident little ‘fur balls’ that rule your house. It's a love affair I haven’t seen in other breeders.

You and your husband made us feel welcome, even my kids relaxed in your home. When I asked to see Magic Trick – aka Olly's parents, you didn’t hesitate and you answered all my questions and concerns. Out of interest I wanted to see the ‘celebrities’ from your website. Yet again I was shown all including the latest arrivals. As before, the time and effort you put into your cattery is breath taking. I finally met 'Dennis The Menace' - Olly’s father. You did warn me about the head wash I would receive and he didn’t disappoint. When he finally retires, I want him!

We left your home knowing the decision to come to you was perfect and Olly would be coming home with us soon. You kept us informed of his progress and answered all my emails promptly. When we collected him, as before, relaxed and no pushy ‘you’ve paid, he’s yours.. bye’, you took your time.

The kitten package was more than expected, I wish I hadn’t bought the toy selection etc we did.. Olly didn’t know where to look.

When we finally got him home, he settled within minutes. I don’t know if he had seen stairs before but they became his play ground. I wasn’t expecting a lap cat but again you've clearly spend the time with each kitten. He was head butting all – a very happy, confident kitten. At night we now have a new edition… he doesn’t sleep at the end of the bed.. nope he wants to be in the duvet, head on pillow. And he is developing the ‘head wash’ his dad does….

Finally if anyone is considering buying a kitten from Sittingpretty, you will not be disappointed. I wish all breeders followed your standards. We wish you all the best, I will keep you updated and If I ever want another kitten, you will be my first call."

Sittingpretty Magic Trick

Paula Farmer

"We were thinking of adding to our family a Savannah for some time. Browsing online we found Rachel's lovely website and came across Chopper (now Freddie) and our hearts melted with his lovely funny face and good looks! Truly love at first sight!

We contacted Rachel who answered every question we had and in turn she gained some reassurance that we were suitable for Chopper. We were unable to visit or collect him but Rachel enabled him to be safely brought to us by a nice man named Pete.

Throughout, Rachel has advised us and enabled fabulous support. We have four other cats; two Ragdolls and two Bengals and can honestly say Rachel's support had been second to none.

Chopper arrived, fit and healthy and on a mission to melt every heart and settle in with our other furry family members. He has such character, loves cuddles and curling up on our laps, he eats well and loves the running wheel we have bought.

We love seeing him grow almost daily and follow his hilarious antics he has a habit of collecting small items and hiding them. He has a lovely unique personality!

Thank you Rachel."

Sittingpretty Helli Chopper

Ron Fairbrother

"After losing my Bengal Charlie, I started an immediate search for a replacement to ease the pain and start a new life with another feline chum. I researched a great many breeder sites dealing with Bengal and Savannah cats and contacted quite a few regarding available kittens but found very mixed responses. Some seemed over-keen, (if that makes any sense), and some were pretty indifferent, which put my back up straight away. Others showed their cats like they were for sale on a supermarket shelf.

When I came across Rachel's site I was immediately struck by how fit and happy the kittens looked, and the environment looked clean and homely too, so I got in touch. The responses to my emails were not only swift and informative, but were warm and comforting, clearly showing a loyalty to her cats and deep concern for their placement. I also checked out the Sitting Pretty Facebook page, which only gave me more confidence in Rachel and her cats.

Stanley was available so there was no doubt who I was going to have. My confidence in Rachel was that high that I paid the asking price the next day without seeing Stanley beforehand, and that belief was well placed as every necessary action and more were carried out by Rachel, including the delivery service. When the wee man arrived he was in perfect condition and within 24 hours was eating from my hand with the confidence of a well brought up kitten.

To this day he has had no accidents in the toilet department, using his litter from opening the cat carrier. It was obvious from seeing him that he was well loved and well trained too. As promised all vaccinations were done, along with microchip, worming and flea treatments, and the paperwork regarding his bloodline was extensive. And the wee blue cat carrier was a cool addition. Within 48 hours he was pretty much all over the house and within 72 hours was using the cat flap to the conservatory.

As he continues to grow, and eat me out of house and home, his personality is coming more to the fore, and what a great personality it is too. He spends a lot of time up on my shoulders and is quite happy curled up on my chest sleeping. Sure he has manic moments but he is a cat with no mental scarring and is afraid of nothing. He is even extremely sociable with visiting friends and will even sit on my neighbours shoulders, when other cats would be well wary.

Rachel is keen to keep in touch with her customers and often inquires after Mr Stan, again, another sign that she cares about her breeds and that this is more than just a business to her. Hopefully I shouldn't have the need to search for another cat for quite some time now, however, if the worst should happen, then I am confident there is only one place I would go, straight back to Rachel.

So many thanks for a pain free and very friendly experience, I am certainly reaping the rewards of choosing Stan."


"I had Stan from Rachel over 6 years ago and he's been perfect from day one. These are really well cared for cats, Stan's had not one ailment and has an amazing personality. I wouldn't go anywhere else for a Savannah."

Sittingpretty Stanley

Derek and Tracy

"We just wanted to say thank you very much for allowing us to have two of your kittens.

Tyson and Naomi are settling in well. Tyson is curious and into everything. He sleeps with us on the bed for part of the night and then goes back to his sister. Naomi is still a little timid (though we had discussed this and thats why we have two kittens) but each day she gets a little more trusting. With a little patience and help from 'Scaredy cat', we can pet her now and she comes looking for petting.

They are both great fun and have their own personalities and are giving us great pleasure every day."

Sittingpretty Tyson and Naomi

Sarah Clark

"We brought beautiful Sunny home over 6 years ago now and Rachel remains in contact despite all the years that have passed.

Sunny is one of the most friendly and crazy felines I have ever had the honour of serving.

We would not hesitate to take home another of Rachel's babies in the future. Xx"

Sunny and Sarah

Lauren Bills

"We have decided to name Mysterious Mose; TJ. He is growing up into amazing boy and I can't believe how big he is already.

We would just like to thank you for a wonderful little kitten. He has got to be the best birthday present I could have ever had. He settled in straight away and would not leave our sides.

Every morning he wakes me up by nibbling my nose or licking my face. He sleeps with me most nights.. well I try to sleep, whereas he already beats me to the bed, stretched out on my pillow.

He is extremely mischievous and loves climbing and scratching the walls, instead of using his scratching post. He's very cheeky. He also likes to play with things he shouldn't, such as plugs or chewing up paper. It's hard to be stern with such a cute face.

He loves to stretch out on either of our laps after a long play with his new toys, that we can not resist buying. His favourite is a stick with feathers on the end, as soon as I pick it up he leaps and jumps astonishing heights to catch it.

Throughout the day he has mad moments and runs around the house as fast as he can. I don't know how such a little cat can have so much energy, probably cause the rest of the day he sleeps so much. He is such a special cat and has a loving personality, we love him so much.

I would like to say thank you for paperwork that helped us so much with his feeding times and what to do when he can get ill and also for the toys and food, it made it so much easier.

Finally, You have done an amazing job breeding such magnificent breeds of cats. We will definitely keep you up to date and if we ever want another cat, we will not hesitate to call.

Wish you all the best."

Sittingpretty Mysterious Mose

Charlotte Bailey

"After a lot of research and debating on what kitten breed to add to our fur family, I was put in touch with Rachel. She sent me to her website and was incredibly helpful in choosing a kitten and telling me more about the breed. We settled on Prince!!

Whilst we were waiting for him to be neutered (all arranged and sorted by Rachel) we were sent lots of photo updates on his progress and kept up to date on the courier.

The day Prince arrived he was fairly grumpy, but who wouldn't be after spending 8 hours in a van and then put into a strangers house!! He wasn't too keen on the others cats and was definitely not a fan of the dogs!! However he took to me and Lewis and instantly he wouldn't leave us alone, he wanted loving and fussing.

After 24 hours you could see a small change in his attitude towards the others. he wasn't so grumpy but still a little cautious. But the day after he was a completely different kitten, he was rubbing against the dogs and playing with the other cats, he had completely changed.

Dealing with Rachel was so easy and she explained every detail to us. She has been so supportive and a real pleasure to have dealt with her.

Prince is a remarkable boy and is an absolute stunner, everyone who see's him comments on his looks.

I would definitely recommend Sittingprretty to anyone looking at Savannahs or Bengal's. If I was to ever want another myself, I wouldn't hesitate to return to Rachel."

Sittingpretty Prince Charming

Jo and Phillip

"A lovely and professional breeder. Very friendly, communication is top notch.

Rachel provides all the information one would expect to get from a professional breeder. She even offers ongoing support afterwards in case of any queries. Very happy we picked her.

Scarlett has a very very lovely character and is a majestic looking Savannah."

Sittingpretty Miss Scarlett

Hayley Betts

"I can highly Recommend Rachel as she has a passion when it comes to her Savannah’s.

As me and my partner collected Leo, our Savannah ten years ago, we fell in love with this curious, adventurous, playful, beautiful creature and we had to have him. We traveled some distance to get him and the whole experience from contact from the breeder, deposit to collection...everything was spot on, just what you would expect from a proper breeder.

Being the cat lovers we are, these cats are so loved and looked after from breeder to owner, that we have never had any major issues or heath problems at all and I just can’t thank Rachel enough for Leo. He is just perfect in ever way. Both our kids adore him and the relationship with my kids and Leo is paramount, forever loving towards them. Leo is a great member of our family.

The temperament, looks, attitude and love is all there. These are fantastic animals. They will always be Sittingpretty and Rachel is an amazing breeder. Once again, I would highly recommend her and will still to this day send her pictures of Leo so she can see how well he is doing."

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