The Savannah cat is a domestic cat with the looks of its wild ancestor; the African Serval and the temperament of its domestic ancestor. It is an exceptionally graceful, well-balanced cat with striking color and pattern. It is both unusual and beautiful and it has many traits that make it stand out amongst other breeds.

Sittingpretty Queen Bee

The Savannah cat has a long body, a long neck, long legs and a thick, medium length tail.

F2 Savannah girl CindyF2 Savannah girl Cindy

The Savannah cat has striking dark spots and bold markings that add to its distinctiveness.

The Savannah CatThe Savannah Cat

Perhaps the most obvious trait of the Savannah cat are its large, tall ears that are set right on top of its head.

The Savannah catThe Savannah cat

Another unique trait of the Savannah cat is it's hooded eyes that are flat across the top. This gives it an exotic look unlike any other breed.

Sittingpretty ZeusWicca Tabula Rasa

The Savannah cat appears to be a very large or heavy cat but in reality it is simply long limbed and lean. Most Savannahs are just the size of a large domestic cat and weigh less than another cat of similar size.

Sittingpretty Sirius: F3 C Brown spotted Savannah girl

The Savannah cat has a remarkable personality. It is a very curious, assertive and alert cat that seeks out adventure at every opportunity. Savannah cats have mischief written all over their faces!

F4 SBT Savannah girl Sittingpretty Shirlie watching TVF3 C Savannah boy Sittingpretty Cruise

Anyone buying a Savannah cat will need to take special precautions to prevent them from getting into trouble. Having a Savannah cat can be like having a small child and it is important to forsee any dangers ahead. Savannahs are very curious and very clever and they are particularly good at opening doors!

Sittingpretty Walter The SoftySittingpretty Walter The SoftySittingpretty CruiseSittingpretty Cruise

The Savannah cat is well known for its climbing and jumping ability. They are known to jump on top of doors, cooker hoods, refrigerators and high cabinets. Some Savannahs can leap about 8 feet (2.5 m) high from a standing position.

F6 SBT Savannah girl Sittingpretty ChewitF3 C Savannah girl SiennaSittingpretty TysonSittingpretty TysonSittingpretty Maneki Neko sat in the fridgeSittingpretty Gorgeous GeorgeSitingpretty Madame Rose

Whilst felines are said to be solitary animals, the Savannah cat certainly is not. They adore companionship, whether it be with a human or with another animal.

Sittingpretty Maneki Abracadabra with his canine friendSittingpretty Maneki Neko with his canine friendSittingpretty Maneki Neko with his canine friend

Likewise, they require a lot of interaction and playtime to expel their vast amount of energy.

F6 SBT Savannah girl Sittingpretty Chewit and kittens

The Savannah cat is highly affectionate and will bond strongly with its human family. Generally speaking, Savannahs are not lap cats but they will show great affection on their own terms.

Savannah cats will often greet their family members at the door, follow them around the house, jump on their shoulders and proceed to give head butts and body washes.

F7 SBT Brown spotted Savannah Sittingpretty Dennis The MenaceF2 Brown spotted Savannah Cindy and F7 SBT Brown spotted Savannah Sittingpretty Dennis The Menace

Savannah cats also love their creature comforts and will think nothing of tucking themselves into your bed!

Sittingpretty Boots tucked into bedSittingpretty Dennis The Menace tucked into bed

Savannah cats are often likened to a dog for their loyalty to their owners and for their enthusiasm in going for a walk on a leash with a harness, whatever the weather. You can read more about this on the Indoor V Outdoor page.

Sittingpretty My Fair LadySittingpretty My Fair Lady

Most Savannah cats love to play games such as fetch and many even love to play in water.

Sittingpretty Walter The SoftieSittingpretty Hamish

Vocally, Savannahs may either chirp like their serval ancestors, meow like their domestic ancestors, both chirp and meow, or sometimes produce sounds which are a mixture of the two. However, chirping is observed more often in the earlier generations. Savannahs may also hiss much like a serval. This hiss is quite different from a domestic cat's hiss and sounds more like a very loud snake.

The Savannah cat is a unique and amazing feline. Most people who own or have met Savannahs will say that they have never met a cat like them and become avid fans. The Savannah is not for everyone, but for those who seek a unique pet and lifelong companion with a zany personality, the Savannah cat definitely fits the bill.

With their elegant, exotic looks and interactive personalities, Savannahs are now said to be the most sought after companion animal in the world today!

Sources: The International Cat Association (TICA) Savannah Breed Standard and Wikipedia

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