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Sittingpretty Sirius

Sire/Dam: Spottydreams On Safari Of Sittingpretty (F2 B) x Sittingpretty Hugo (F7 SBT)

Generation/Registration code: F3 C

Colour/Pattern: Brown (Black) Spotted

Date Of Birth: 20/08/2018

Sittingpretty Hugo F7
HCM Normal 16/03/2017
Pk Def Normal by parentage
PRA_b Normal

Sittingpretty Hugo

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Spottydreams On Safari Of Sittingpretty F2
HCM Normal 22/06/2017
Pk Def Normal by parentage
PRA_b Normal

Spottydreams On Safari Of Sittingpretty

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Sirius is a home bred golden brown spotted Savannah girl of third generation from my beloved Saffy and Hugo.

Sittingpretty Sirius

When Sirius was eight days old, her mum Saffy suddenly and tragically passed away. This left me to hand rear her and her siblings with around the clock bottle feeding. That was, until I came up with the idea of trying this litter with Sittingpretty Winter Wonderland and her mum Nelly. Whilst Nelly was an experienced mum, Winter had at the time, recently lost her litter so I felt it was worth a go. These incredible girls took on Saffy's little family as if they were their own and from there on, they raised them together. I am forever in Winter and Nelly's debts for this amazing act of kindness and love.

Sittingpretty Savannahs

Sirius is such a beauty to look at. She has the most incredible markings with an absolute wealth of solid spotting flowing horizontally from head to tail. Her pattern is perfect without a rib bar in sight. Like her sister Electra, Sirius has a vibrant golden colouring and whited undersides.

Sittingpretty Sirius

Sirius has a great length to her body with really good proportions. She has a fabulous tail length that I really hope she passes down to her offspring. When she extends her long neck as she walks, she looks like a wild cat hunting.

Sittingpretty SiriusSittingpretty SiriusSittingpretty Sirius

Sirius has a very nice head with huge ears that are wide at the base and rounded at the tips. I am hoping that when paired with Sittingpretty Colonel Mustard, I can slightly improve her profile in her kittens and replicate their vibrant coats and superb spotting.

Sittingpretty SiriusSittingpretty Sirius

Unfortunately whilst most hand reared babies become extremely loving, Sirius was the exception to the rule and she remains a shy and timid girl who does not appreciate too much human interaction. This really saddens me as I love my cats so much and I just want to be able to cuddle and kiss her. But we have a mutual understanding and I know how close I am able to get to Siri without distressing her. For this reason, I always pair Siri up with another girl and she has formed a very close bond with Sittingpretty Cheetara who happens to be her half sister.

Sirius is registered active with The International Cat Association:

Tica Regsitration for Sittingpretty Monty Python

Sirius is PK Def N/N normal by grandparentage/parentage (certificates available to view) and PRA-b normal by parentage:

Langford veterinary services genetic test results Langford veterinary services genetic test results

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