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The Brown Bengal

The brown Bengal is by far the most popular and commonly bred of the recognised colours. This may be due to the brown gene being dominant to the other colour genes, or it may be due to the fact that the colours of the brown Bengal most closely resemble the colours of the Asian Leopard cat.

F2 Brown spotted Bengal Cat

Generally the colour brown is either golden or cool coloured but within these colours, there are many variations and shades. All of these variations are accepted by TICA and there is no preference given to any one ground colour.

Sandy Brown spotted Bengal cat Golden Brown spotted Bengal catCool Brown spotted Bengal cat

The brown Bengal has two or three (tri-colour) shades of colour with a lighter background and brown to jet black markings.

Tri coloured Bengal cat

The undersides of the brown Bengal cat are virtually white and the tail tip is always black.

Brown spotted Bengal with whited undersides and black tail tip

The brown Bengal has brick red nose leather and brown, green or hazel coloured eyes.

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