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The Seal Sepia Bengal

The seal sepia Bengal can easily be differentiated from the seal lynx Bengal as it has considerably darker markings at birth. The seal sepia Bengal can often appear to be a brown Bengal. The photograph below demonstrates this with a seal lynx to the left, a seal mink in the centre and a seal sepia to the right.

Litter of snow Bengals

The seal sepia gene is recessive so in order to produce a seal sepia Bengal, the colour must be carried by both parents.

The seal sepia Bengal has a pale ivory background colour with various shades of mid to dark brown markings. The undersides are white and there is very little difference between the colour of the body markings and the point colour. The tail tip is always black.

Charcoal Sepia Bengal catSeal Sepia Bengal cat

The seal sepia Bengal has brick red nose leather and brown, green or hazel coloured eyes.

Seal Sepia Bengal cat with green eyes and brick red nose leather
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