The spotted Bengal catThe marbled Bengal cat

The Spotted Bengal

There are two recognised patterns within the Tica Bengal breed standard; spotted and marbled.

The spotted pattern is the most popular and commonly bred of the two recognised patterns. This may be due to the spotted gene being dominant to the marbled gene, or it may be due to the fact that the spotted Bengal most closely resembles the Asian Leopard cat.

Brown Spotted Bengal cat

The spotted Bengal has large or small spots that are random or horizontally aligned. Single spots are preferred as vertical stripes and rib bars are undesirable.

Bengal kitten with horizontally flowing spots

The spots may be solid/closed pattern and individual or rosetted/open pattern and individual. Rosetted spots are preferred but are not set by the breed standard.

Bengal kitten with closed patternBengal kitten with open pattern

The spotted Bengal tends to have striped legs and a striped tail but some spotting is preferred.

Bengal cat with spotted legsBengal cat with spotted legs

A spotted belly is also a distinct trait of the spotted Bengal cat.

Bengal kitten with a spotted belly

Rosetted spots have two or three distinct colours or shades. An extreme contrast between the ground colour and the spotting gives distinct pattern and sharp edges.

Bengal kitten with three shades of colour and well defined patternBengal kitten with open pattern

There are many variations of rosetted spots but the three main types of rosetted spotting are:

Doughnut: large open spots that are filled with colour and outlined with a darker colour.

Bengal cat with dougnut rosetted spots

Paw print: dark spots around a larger shaded spot filled with colour.

Bengal cat with paw print rosetted spots

Arrowhead: triangular shaped spots that point towards the back of the body with the base of the spot fading into the background.

Bengal cat with arrowhead rosetted spots
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