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Sittingpretty Monty Python

Sire/Dam: Sittingpretty Sugar Cane x Glitterngold Princess Tiara

Sittingpretty Sugar Cane (F7)

Sittingpretty Sugar Cane

Sittingpretty Storm Trooper (F8)

Purebliss Picasso Of Sittingpretty

Dazzledots Bobby Dazzler

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Eriador Beta (F6)

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CH Kanpur Simply Irristable

QGC Koppikatz Kool Kat

Dazzledots Golden Glow

Generation/Registration code: F8 SBT

Colour/Pattern: Brown (Black) spotted

Date Of Birth: 13/10/2015

Brown spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Monty Python

Monty is an F8 SBT Brown spotted Bengal boy. He has fabulous lineage and he is only 8 generations removed from the Asian Leopard Cat Tariq Of Buckholt. This is a rare and special bloodline as Tariq only produced one sole fertile female. Monty has recently sired a single silver spotted Bengal girl himself.

Silver spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Baby Love

Monty is very striking in looks and of fabulous type. He is developing into a strong and muscular boy of a very good size for his age. He very much reminds me of Sittingpretty Dolly in his colour, contrast, coat and markings. He has a very light golden base colour with huge inky black spots. His coat is beautifully clear and glass like in appearance. He has a very nice medium length thick tail. I particularly love Monty's head shape. His long and muscular neck flows nicely into a rounded top skull and extends to the tip of his nose in a near straight profile. His nose is large and wide and almost aligns with his chin (which could be stronger). He has a full and broad muzzle with beautifully puffy whisker pads. His ears are well placed, wide at the base and rounded at the tips. They are medium in size though appear smaller in profile view. He has beautiful, almost round, green coloured eyes with black eyeliner.

Brown spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Monty PythonBrown spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Monty PythonBrown spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Monty PythonBrown spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Monty PythonBrown spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Monty Python

Monty is slightly more reserved than my other boys but he is an absolute sweetheart. He is still very kitten like and loves to play with his toys. He also enjoys running on the cat wheel.

Monty is registered ACTIVE with The International Cat Association:

Tica registration

Monty is PK Def N/N NORMAL by parentage:

Genetic test results Genetic test results

Monty is PRA-b NORMAL:

Genetic test results

Monty screened HCM NORMAL 16/03/2017 and 12/07/2018:

Certificate of HCM testing Certificate of HCM testing

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