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Sittingpretty Baby Love

Sire/Dam: Sittingpretty Ozzy x Poshpaws Fizzy Lizzy Of Sittingpretty

Generation/Registration code: F7 SBT

Colour/Pattern: Black Silver spotted

Date Of Birth: 11/08/2013

Silver spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Baby Love

Babs is an F7 SBT Silver spotted Bengal girl. She has a fabulous pedigree with a long line of Champions and rare (to the UK) Bluewater lines. She plays an important role in my silver line as I believe her to be homozygous for silver (having only ever produced silver babies).

Babs is a medium sized girl with a substantial build. She is very well proportioned and has a beautiful tail. She is a very pretty girl with striking looks. She has extreme colour contrast with jet black markings against a pure white background. She has zero tarnish to her beautifully clear and glittered coat. Her black outlined spots are large and dramatic with a good flow to their pattern. Like her wild ancestor, her spots continue down her legs and onto her feet. Whilst her top skull is a little weak, Babs otherwise has a very nice head. She has medium sized ears that are wide at the base and rounded at the tips, large and vibrant green nocturnal eyes with thick black eyeliner, a wide nose bridge, a good chin and puffy whisker pads.

Babs is a sweet and mild mannered girl. She is very affectionate and sociable and has proven to be a fabulous mum. My aim is to produce an equally fabulous (and Pk Def N/N) girl from her so that she can retire and enjoy a pampered pet lifestyle. Babs was born on my birthday and was an unexpected surprise. She was a singleton kitten and I think this has contributed to her very loving and loyal nature.

Silver spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Baby LoveSilver spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Baby LoveSilver spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Baby LoveSilver spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Baby Love

Babs as a baby:

Silver spotted Bengal Sittingpretty Baby Love

Below is four generations of Bab's pedigree:

Sittingpretty Ozzy (F6)

Silverglam Gandalf The Grey Of Sittingpretty

Silverglam Midnight Lover

DGC Silverglam Silver Shadow

Wildside Glitterglam Gina

Silverglam Black Magic

Glitterglam Bohemian Rhapsody

Silverglam Sapphire

Blackrock And All That Jazz Of Sittingpretty

QueenAnne Pendragon

CH Calcatta Supernatural

Llander Ceris

Gayzette Enchantress

Cattichrome Bullet

Gayzette Silver Birch

Poshpaws Fizzy Lizzy Of Sittingpretty (F7)

QGC Bluewater It's A Steel

CH VictoryBengals Steely

Pinyonpride Bullet

VictoryBengals Taylor Made

Lakewood Platinum

Spotsalot Wht Whizard

CH Lakewood Carolina

Poshpaws Peppa Of Sittingpretty

RW SGC Jungletime Hotshot

RW SGC TheRealms Try Me Now

TheRealms Just As Silk

SGC Xclusive Pussycat Doll

RW SGC Jater Houdini

CH Jater Queen Latifah

Babs is registered ACTIVE with The International Cat Association:

Tica registration

Babs is PK Def N/K HETEROZYGOUS which means she carries one copy of the gene. She will not have pyruvate kinase deficiency but she may pass the mutation onto her offspring. Therefore she will only ever be bred with a PK Def Normal (N/N) boy and all offspring (to be bred) will be tested:

Babs is PRA-b NORMAL:

Genetic test results

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