Cats (especially indoor cats) can get bored very quickly and a bored cat is an unhappy cat. Bengals and Savannah's in particular are highly intelligent, alert and energetic cats. They need a a stimulating environment and a variety of toys and products to keep them entertained and their senses heightened.

There are many cat toys on the market and I have tried and tested most of them. Below is a comprehensive selection of my favourites:

Interactive/track toys

Catit Design Senses

The Catit Design Senses range is a collection of interactive products that can be combined together using the Play Circuit toy or the Super Roller Circuit toy. This is a large 8 piece circuit with a roller coaster track and a motion activated ball (which illuminates for day or night time play). The circuit can be extended with further tracks and combined with other Catit products such as the Food Maze, Play N Scratch Toy, Massage Centre and Grass Garden.

Catit Design Senses range Whilst my cats love the Catit circuit toys, they haven't shown much interest in the additional Catit toys.

Sittingpretty Ozzy playing with a Catit Design Senses Play Circuit

Ferplast Clever & Happy Cat

The Ferplast Clever & Happy Cat range is a collection of route shaped modular track and ball toys. The Typhon, Tobago and Magic Circle circuit toys can be combined with the Magic Tower, Vertigo and Tornado toys. Each can be added to another to create new compositions. This range is designed to stimulate a cat's interest whilst keeping them healthy at the same time (through exercise). I would recommend all of the products in this range. They are well made, easy to clean and aesthetically pleasing.

Ferplast Clever and Happy Cat range

Petstages Cheese Chase

The Cheese Chase 3-in-1 cat toy is a fun toy for adult cats and kittens alike. It provides three times the pleasure with three activities. The translucent ball track offers hours of chasing fun, the Swiss cheese centre offers challenge and interest (with another ball to chase) and the catnip filled mouse on a spring initiates frenzied playtimes.

Petstages Cheese Chase

I have one of these toys for every cat within the house and in the catteries. It is a firm favourite and a must buy.

F2 Bengal cat Bibi playing with a Petstages Cheese Chase Toy

Petstages Tower Of Tracks

The Tower of Tracks cat toy is a stacked play station with three levels for balls to spin and roll. The sturdy construction of the tower stands up to vigorous play and it can be used by more than one cat at a time. My cats and kittens find this toy very entertaining so this is another must buy. I have these in my house and in my catteries.

Petstages Tower of tracks cat toy

Bergan Turbo Scratcher

The Bergan Turbo Scratcher is an award winning toy with a circular track, spinning ball and a central scratch pad (which can be infused with catnip). The Turbo Scratcher is designed to provide mental stimulation and physical exercise whilst reducing the risk of unwanted scratching of furniture.

Bergan Turbo Scratcher

I rate this toy above other circular track toys with scratch pads as the pad in the Turbo Scratcher is replaceable.

F3 Bengal cat Sittingpretty Thunderbolt playing with a Bergan Turbo Scratcher toy

Chase/prey toys

Kong Kickeroo

The Kong Kickeroo is a catnip filled toy that drives cats crazy. The Kickeroo is designed to appeal to a cat’s instinctive desire to stalk and capture prey. The size, shape and material promote wrestling and hind paw kicking and the fluffy tail provides movement for extra excitement.

Kong Kickeroo cat toy

I have yet to meet a cat that does not love a Kong Kickeroo! I also really like that Kong do a kitten version of this toy. This is another must buy toy.

Sittingpretty Dennis The Menace with his Kong Kickeroo toySittingpretty Savannah girls sharing a kong kickeroo toy

SmartCat Tick Tock Teaser

The SmartCat Tick Tock Teaser toy is an interactive cat and mouse game. Housed within the triangular structure is a mouse that is attached to a pendulum arm. As soon as your cat starts chewing on the top of the pendulum arm, the mouse moves. And when the mouse moves, the tassel moves. The Tick Tock Teaser is a good quality, strong and safe toy and my kittens in particular love it.

Smartcat Tick Tock Teaser

JML Cats Meow

The Cats Meow by JML is a revolving cat toy that features a moving wand designed to mimic a scurrying prey underneath a fabric skirt. It is operated with batteries, has four different speeds and the wand is multi-directional. The cats meow can be used on carpet and smooth floors and it is relatively easy to keep clean. My only complaint is that the wand can quite easily be pulled out and stolen by a Bengal or Savannah cat.

JML Cats Meow toy

I think the Cats Meow is a fabulous toy that keeps cats and kittens entertained for hours.

Sittingpretty kittens playing with their Cats Meow toy

Kittykins Feather Cat Teaser

The Kittykins Feather Cat Teaser is available from B&M Stores (UK). It is not dissimilar to the famous Da Bird cat teaser but it is far cheaper to buy. This wand has a telescopic function and extends to over 3ft. The feathers are real and so when the wand is spun through the air, they simulate a flying bird. The only let down for me is that the feather attachment breaks off from the wand quite easily. However it can be played with as a stand alone toy.

Kittykins cat teaser wand toy My cats and kittens go wild for this feather cat teaser and it is by far my favourite amongst all of the wand toys I have ever bought.

Foil balls

Foil balls are an absolute must for my cats and kittens. Their scrunchy texture and rustling sound drive them mad as they bat them around the room. The balls are lightweight and uneven, making them easy for cats to pick up in their mouths and carry around like prey; promoting their hunting instincts and keeping them fit.

Foil balls

Foil balls are cheap to buy so it doesn't really matter if they go missing. However, with a Bengal or a Savannah cat, you are sure to find a collection of them under your sofa!

Toy mice

Toy mice are a firm favourite amongst Bengal and Savannah cats. They provide hours of fun and promote hunting skills. They are excellent for tossing in the air, catching and hiding as if real prey.

Toy mouse

Toy mice come in many shapes and forms but generally they are catnip filled and made of a textured fabric with feather tails or adorned with bells etc. They are usually sold in multi-packs which makes them very economical.

Sittingpretty Lila Paws playing with a toy mouse


Cat tunnels make the perfect combination for cats - a fun place to explore and play and a cozy place to hide out or cuddle up!

PAWS Road Cat Tunnel

The PAWS Road Cat Tunnel is long and sizable. It has a sprung steel frame with a soft and durable leopard print faux fur outer and a crackle lining. There are two peepholes in the middle of the tunnel and inside, there are two hanging plush balls for extra fun. The tunnel can also tie to other tunnels and it is fully collapsible.

PAWS Road cat tunnel

As this tunnel is so long, my cats and kittens love to chase each other in and out of it. Thus it is ideal for multi cat households. I would highly recommend it over other shorter versions (space permitting).

A Sittingpretty Savannah kitten playing in the PAWS Road tunnel

Scratching Furniture

Scratching is a normal part of cat behavior and it serves several functions. It conditions the claws, provides a means of stretching and acts as a scent marker. Some indoor cats scratch furniture because they are not provided with adequate scratching posts and it is most important to provide a post that is at least 1.5 times the height of the cat to ensure that they can have a full body stretch. There are hundreds of different types of scratching furniture available to buy. Below are a few of my favourites:

Diogenes Scratching Barrel

The Diogenes Scratching Barrel is completely covered in a high-quality, robust sisal matting which provides an extra-large scratching area. The three openings within the barrel provide a place to play, sleep, and hide. Two of the dens are connected to one another for climbing whilst the other den is perfect for sleeping. Whilst being soft and snuggly, the top of the barrel also provides a place for cats to observe. And toys dangling from the dens add an extra fun factor. The Diogenes Scratching Barrel is available in three different sizes; medium, large and extra large.

Diogenes Scratching Barrel

I have these barrels throughout my house and in my catteries. They are an absolute must buy for Bengal and Savannah cats.

Diogenes Scratching Barrel

SmartCat Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post

The SmartCat Ultimate Sisal Scratching Post is a tall, heavy and sturdy scratching post. The fibrous woven sisal is longer lasting than a cat scratcher with wound sisal. The large height (83.5 cm) of the post is excellent for stretching and the added platform allows cats to sit and survey the room. There is also an optional cushion (available to buy separately) that fits onto the perch. The materials of the post make it aesthetically pleasing and so it fits in well with most decors. I highly recommend this post for avid scratchers.

SmartCat Ultimate Scratch Post

Natural Paradise Cat Scratching Trees

Natural Paradise is a range of cat scratching furniture from Zooplus. There are several types of cat trees and cat scratching posts within the range. Each one varies in size and look but most offer different platforms and places for cats and kittens to relax, watch, and nap. The entire range is designed for larger cats so it is perfect for Bengals and Savannahs. The trees are extremely well made and use high quality materials. They look fabulous and come in different colourways. I have had many of the trees from the Natural Paradise range. I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Natural Paradise Cat Scratching trees

Cat Tree King

The Cat Tree King/RHR Quality specialise in unique cat trees for large and heavy cats upto a weight of 20KG. Their models combine beautiful design with quality. They have thicker sisal posts, larger lying areas and 18 inch diameter hammocks. And the plush used is s 600gr/m2 (whereas other manufacturers tend to use 300 gr/m2). The plush on these trees is much thicker and thus much stronger, more durable and softer. And all of these parts of your tree can be reordered and replaced.

Cat Tree King Floor To Ceiling cat tree

I have the Maine Coon Tower in cream which my adult cats and my kittens love.

The Cat tree King Maine Coon Tower


Cats in general love their comfort and warmth. They also love the feel of a plush fabric. Whilst, I have found that my Bengal and Savannah cats will choose to rest in the strangest of places, they do also love a good comfortable bed. Their are several different types on the market but here are some of my favourites:

Natural Paradise Wall Mounted Bed

The Natural Paradise Wall Mounted Bed is perfect for Bengal and Savannah cats as they love being up high. love.

The beds can be arranged in such a way to create an exciting playground for jumping and climbing as well as sleeping. The removable and washable bed is very soft and snuggly with a padded edge for extra comfort. It is also available in two colours and can be combined with other products from the Natural Paradise range.

Natural Paradise Wall Mounted Bed

I have multiples of these beds throughout my house and in my catteries. They are worth every penny and I cannot recommend them highly enough.

Natural Paradise beds in one of my kitten rooms

Prince Cat Den

The Prince Cat Den is a fabulous castle like sleeping cabin with an upstairs and a downstairs. The cosy cabin on the ground floor is a great place to curl up and relax whilst the upper floor provides a great look-out position.

Prince Cat Den

Because the Prince Cat Den is made of untreated wood, you can paint it and customise it as you desire. I have painted my cat den white, attached crystal knobs and added plush fur blankets to the upper and lower level.

Customised Prince Cat Den

Baxter & Belle

Baxter & Belle are a Yorkshire based company that make contemporary Dog beds. I came across them by accident when I found one of their beds in TK Maxx. They make different sized and shaped beds of luxury bright fabrics with fleece linings.

Baxter & Belle Pet Bed

The Baxter & Belle dog beds are a hit with my cats and kittens and since discovering them, I have bought several. They are excellent quality and have lasted a long time.

My pet Bengal Honey in her Baxter & Belle pet bed

Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel

The Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel is a bed and tunnel in one. It can be mounted to the radiator or simply placed on the floor. Either way, it makes for a very cosy and comfortable hideaway. It is easy to assemble and the plush faux fur cover is removable and washable.

Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel

I have tried and tested many radiator beds and in my opinion, the Rosewood Luxury Cat Tunnel is by far the best. It is a good size and made of a sturdy construction that does not collapse like other radiator beds. The fact that it is a 2 in 1 tunnel also makes it great for sharing.

F2 Savannah Nelly laying on her Rosewood Cat TunnelSittingpretty Magnum Opus in his Rosewood Radiator Bed

Exercise wheels

Cat wheels are designed specifically to keep indoor cats safe and healthy whilst providing plenty of exercise, enrichment and stimulation. As they are a medium for cats to release extra energy through exercise, cat wheels are thought to curb aggressiveness and bad behavior based on boredom or the desire to get out.

I have three different types of cat wheels:

The Maclaw Wheel

The Maclaw wheel is large, robust and safe to use. It is definitely great quality and craftsmanship and mine has lasted many years without any malfunction. It can take up to 12kg in weight and because it has a wide running surface, two cats can run side by side. I bought my wheel second hand but Maclaw offer a bespoke design service where by you can design your own colourway and graphics for the three spoke design. They also manufacture wheels that are suitable for outdoor enclosures.

The Maclaw Cat WheelThe Maclaw Cat Wheel

The Maclaw wheel is the most expensive of my wheels but 'you get what you pay for'. This is a favourite in my house!

F5 Bengal Polly running on the Maclaw cat wheelSittingpretty Boots enjoying a run on the Maclaw wheel

The One Fast Cat Wheel

The One Fast Cat wheel is an open design without a hub. The absence of a hub means that cats can enter from either side of the wheel but I am not convinced that this is the safest design, so my wheel is always placed against a wall. The open design does make it easier to move around the room and gives you greater options as to where to place it. The wheel runs on four support points which adds stability. I actually have two of these wheels and my more recent purchase now has safety guards over the wheels which was a welcomed modification. The wheel comes flat packed but it is very easy to assemble and there is an optional foam like track pad for the running surface.

The One Fast Cat Wheel

The One Fast Cat Wheel is the cheapest of my wheels but I think it is great value.

Sittingpretty Chewit and her kittens runnig on the One Fast Cat Wheel

The Toy-Go-Round Cat Wheel

The Toy-Go-Round cat wheel is an old design. In fact I think it was one of the first cat exersize wheels on the market. My wheel was imported from America through a third party company, thus it was quite an expensive purchase at the time. The design is not dissimilar to that of the Maclaw but the wheel is actually made of a molded plastic and the frame work is metal (which has been partial to rusting).

The Toy-Go-Round Cat Wheel

My Toy-Go-Round wheel has lasted almost as long as I have been breeding but it is my least favourite because of its smaller size. It is probably better suited to kittens as small wheels can be dangerous for adult cats.

F6 Savannah Serendipity running on The Toy-Go-Round Cat wheel
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