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Scottyspots Dark Knight Of Sittingpretty

Sire/Dam: Iwannasavannah Kovu Of Scottyspots (F6 SBT) x Enigmaclaw Malkia Meeka Griffe (F4 SBT)

I Wannasavannah Kovu (F6)
Felv Negative
PRA-b Normal
PK Def Normal by parentage

Marechal Kuba
PK Def Normal

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PK Def Normal

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PK Def Normal

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Wyldthingz Anne Boleyn

Enigmaclaw Malkia Meeka Griffe (F4)
Felv Negative
FCoV Negative
PRA-b Normal
PK Def Normal by parentage

Lumio Griffe D'Enigme
PK Def Normal by parentage

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PK Def Normal

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PK Def Normal

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PK Def Normal

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Generation/Registration code: F5 SBT

Colour/Pattern: Black Silver Spotted

Date Of Birth: 05/06/2018

F5 Savannah boy Bruce

Bruce is an F5 SBT (Black) Silver spotted Savannah boy. He brings completely new lines to my breeding program, some of which I have admired for many years. I was on a waiting list for a kitten from this pairing for some time and as soon as Bruce was born, I fell in love with him. However this litter proved to be so good that I actually ended up bringing his sister Diana home too! So should Bruce not prove fertile, I will hopefully still be able to create a new silver line using his sister. Bruce and Diana

Bruce is growing into a very handsome boy. He is very dark in colouring and as I suspected, he carries for the melanistic/black gene. This is very exciting because paired with my F2 girl Cindy, he could produce brown spotted, silver spotted, black and black smoke offspring.

F5 Savannah boy BruceF5 Savannah boy BruceF5 Savannah boy BruceF5 Savannah boy BruceF5 Savannah boy Bruce

Bruce is very loving and loyal. He follows me everywhere and comes straight to me when I call him. He is an absolute love bug with a very sweet and placid nature. He will happily be picked up and carried and never tires of a cuddle or tummy rub.

F5 Savannah boy Bruce

Bruce is registered ACTIVE with The International Cat Association:

Tica registration

Bruce is PK Def N/N NORMAL by grandparentage (certificates available to view) and PRA-b NORMAL by parentage:

Genetic test resultsGenetic test results

Bruce carries for melanistic/black:

Genetic test results

Bruce will be screened for HCM once he reaches 1 year old.

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