The overall look of the Savannah cat can depend on its generation and its wild and domestic parentage. The first three generations of the Savannah cat are called foundation Savannahs and these are classified as F1-F3 (more recently referred to as F1, 2G and 3G).

F1 Savannah

F1 Savannah cats

F2 Savannah

F2 Savannah cat

F3 Savannah

F3 Savannah cat

F4 Savannah

Sittingpretty Dora The Explorer

Once you reach the fourth generation of Savannahs, they are described as SBT which stands for Stud Book Tradition. Stud Book Tradition is a term chosen by The International Cat Association (Tica) and the Tica Savannah breed standard sets outs the traits which are called for in our SBT Savannahs:


Shape: The face forms an equilateral triangle: the triangle is formed by the brow line over the eyes; and the sides follow down the jaw bone with a rounded finish at the muzzle. Above this triangle the forehead and ears form a rectangle from the brow line to the tops of the ears. The head is small in proportion to the body.

Ears: Ears are remarkably large and high on the head. They are wide with a deep base. They should be very upright and have rounded tops. The outside base of the ear should start no lower on the head than the height of the eyes, but may be set higher. The inside base of the ears is set close at the top of the head; ideally, a vertical line can be drawn from the inner corner of the eye up to the inner base of the ear. Ear furnishings may be present; pronounced ocelli are desirable.

Savannah profileSavannah ocelli

Eyes: Medium sized and set underneath a slightly hooded brow. The top of the eye resembles a boomerang set at the exact angle so that the corner of the eye slopes down the line of the nose. The bottom half of the eye has an almond shape. The eyes are moderately deep set, low on the forehead, and at least one eye width apart.

Savannah boomerang shaped eyes

Tear stain markings are present along and between the eye and the nose. All eye colors are allowed and are independent of coat color.

Savannah tearstainsSavannah tearstains

Chin: From the frontal view the chin tapers to follow the triangle of the head. In profile, the nose is slightly protruding so that the angle from the nose to the chin slants back, which may cause the chin to appear recessed.

Savannah chin

Muzzle: The muzzle is tapered with no break. It falls within the bottom portion of the facial triangle that runs from the brow to the point of the chin. Whisker pads are not pronounced.

Nose: Viewing from the front, the nose is wide across the top with low set nostrils. In profile, there is a slight downward turn at the end, giving a rounded appearance. Nose leather is slightly convex and wraps up over the nose.

Savannah noseSavannah nose

Profile: The forehead is a straight to slightly convex curve from the top of the head to the ridge just above the eye where there is a slight change of direction and a straight to very-slight concave curve from that ridge to the tip of the nose. In profile, the face also forms a triangle from the top of the eye to the tip of the nose, turning to follow the jaw line and back up to the eye.

Savannah profileSavannah profileSavannah profile

Neck: Long and lean.

Savannah neckSavannah neckSittingpretty Dora The Explorer


Torso: The torso is long, lean and well muscled with a full deep rib cage, prominent shoulder blades, a slight, but not extreme, tuck-up and a rounded rump. The hip and thigh are full and long and somewhat heavy in proportion to the rest of the body.

Legs: Longer than average, well muscled, without appearing heavy or overly delicate. Back legs are slightly longer than the front legs.

Spotted legs are preferred but are not set by the breed standard.

Savannah legsSavannah feet

Feet: Oval and medium in size.

Savannah feet

Tail: Medium to thick in width. Medium in length, ending between the hock and just above ground level when standing with preferred length just below the hock. Tail should taper slightly to a blunt end. Whippy tails are not desired.

Savannah tailSavannah tail

Boning: Medium boning with density and strength.

Musculature: Firm, well-developed, yet smooth.

Savannah boning and musculature


Length: Short to medium in length.

Texture: With a good substance and a slightly coarse feel to it. Coarser guard hairs cover a softer undercoat; the spots have a notably softer texture than the guard hairs. The coat is not inordinately dense and lies relatively flat against the body.

Pattern: Spotted.

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