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Sittingpretty Lila Paws

Sire/Dam: Spottydreams Wellington Of Sittingpretty (F5 SBT) x Northern Light Of Sittingpretty (F2 B)

Spottydreams Wellington Of Sittingpretty (F5)
HCM Normal 16/03/2017

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Generation/Registration code: F3 C

Colour/Pattern: Silver Seal Lynx Spotted

Date Of Birth: 20/10/2016

F3 Silver Seal Lynx Spotted Savannah girl

Lila is a very rare and unique F3 Seal Silver Lynx Point Savannah. Whilst there are many SLP Savannahs and possibly another SSLP, there are certainly no other SSLP at third generation like Lila. In fact, Ive yet to find another worldwide. As the silver gene cannot be tested for or carried, I had to put Lila to a brown spotted boy to determine whether she was a Seal Silver Lynx Point or not. This was confirmed with her first litter where she produced a silver girl and a silver boy.

F4 SBT Savannah kittensF4 SBT Savannah kittens

Lila is an extremely pretty girl with striking looks. She boasts a pure white background colour with pale spotting and hints of grey to her colour points. Lila is very long bodied with long legs and a long neck. Her head is small in proportion to her body and it is triangular in shape with pointy contours. Lila's ears could be larger and placed higher on the head but they are wide at the base and rounded at the tip. Lila has a wide nose bridge and low set nostrils. Her pink nose leather is beautifully set off against her stunning blue eyes that are a lilac blue to the centre and a pale aqua to the outer. Her Like her mum, Lila also boasts a good depth from the top of her forehead to the tops of her eyes.

F3 Silver Seal Lynx Spotted Savannah girlF3 Silver Seal Lynx Spotted Savannah girlF3 Silver Seal Lynx Spotted Savannah girlF3 Silver Seal Lynx Spotted Savannah girlF3 Silver Seal Lynx Spotted Savannah girl

Being a singleton kitten, Lila has grown up to be such a loving and loyal girl. She faced ill health at around 5 months old but her fighting spirit and zest for life saw her through it. She has bounced back twice as strong and twice as mischevious! I love this girl to the ends of the earth and I am super proud to have bred her.

F3 Silver Seal Lynx Spotted Savannah girl

Lila is registered ACTIVE with The International Cat Association:

Tica registration

Lila is PK Def N/N NORMAL and PRA-b NORMAL by parentage:

Genetic test results Genetic test results

Lila screened HCM NORMAL 12/07/2018

Certificate of HCM testing

Lila is (Real) PCR NEGATIVE for:

Feline Coronavirus, Tritrichomonas, Giardia spp, Toxoplasma, C. perfringens A gene, C. perfringens enterotoxin gene, Cryptosporium spp and Salmonella spp.

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