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Savannah pairings

During 2019, I have the following pairings planned (subject to change):

Cindy is pregnant! Babies due 23 -25th March 2019

Scottyspots Dark Knight Of Sittingpretty (F5 SBT) x Gayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty (F2 B)

Scottyspots Dark Knight Of SittingprettyGayzette Cinderella Of Sittingpretty

This is a very exciting pairing as potentially it could produce silver, cool brown, black and black smoke. The offspring would be F3 C. However Cindy is notoriously hard to breed and being an F5, there is a high chance of Bruce not being fertile so we need a lot of luck on our side for this pairing to be successful.

Cindy has only ever produced one kitten before:

Sittingpretty Sol-Monath (F4 SBT) x Sittingpretty Winter Wonderland (F3 C)

Sittingpretty Sol-MonathSittingpretty Winter Wonderland

It is highly unlikely that Saxon would ever be fertile (especially being an SBT) but nothing ventured, nothing gained. So I decided to try Saxon and Winter together in the hope of some very large, typey, clear coated, well spotted silver savannahs. The offspring would be F4 SBT.

Spottydreams Wellington (F5 SBT) x Sittingpretty Manuka Honey (F7 SBT)

Spottydreams Wellington Of SittingprettySittingpretty Manuka Honey

Manuka has only ever had one litter and it was sired by Welly so this is a repeat mating. This pairing will produce warm to golden brown F6 SBT offspring that may carry for SLP as Welly does. The previous mating produced this male and female:

Sittingpretty Tyson Sittingpretty Naomi

Witnessed mating 19/01/2019!

Scottyspots Dark Knight Of Sittingpretty (F5 SBT) x Sittingpretty Cheetara (F3 C)

Scottyspots Dark Knight Of SittingprettySittingpretty Cheetara

Sittingpretty Hugo (F7 SBT) x Savannahdelight Effie (F4 SBT)

Sittingpretty  HugoSavannahdelight Effie Of Sittingpretty

This is a repeat mating that will produce a mixture of cool brown and golden brown F5 SBT. The previous mating produced these kittens (one of which I am keeping as a future queen):

Sittingpretty Autumn Sittingpretty Autumn
Sittingpretty Autumn

The following girls are maiden queens and so will not be bred until later in the year

Sittingpretty Hugo (F7 SBT) x Scottyspots Fly Of Sittingpretty (F5 SBT)

Sittingpretty  Hugo Spotlightcats Zeta Of Sittingpretty

This will be a first time pairing that will produce F6 SBT offspring. I would anticipate long and leggy kittens with well defined markings and excellent colour contrast. If we are lucky, the offspring may inherit Diana's black nose. This pairing could produce brown and silver. However Diana may carry for black as her brother does and black is in Hugo's lines, so if we are lucky, we may get black and black smoke.

Hugo has produced some of my best Savannah kittens to date:

Sittingpretty Cheetara Sittingpretty Caped Crusader
Sittingpretty Ttan Sittingpretty Solmonath
Sittingpretty Electra Sittingpretty Sirius
Sittingpretty Sirius

To be decided x Spotlightcats Zeta Of Sittingpretty (F5 SBT)

Spotlightcats Zeta Of Sittingpretty

To be decided x Sittingpretty Electra (F3 C)

Savannahdelight Effie Of Sittingpretty

To be decided x Sittingpretty Sirius (F3 C)

Savannahdelight Effie Of Sittingpretty

To be decided x Sittingpretty Autumn (F5 SBT)

Savannahdelight Effie Of Sittingpretty

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