My name is Rachel Hartley and I am a breeder of outstanding Bengal and Savannah cats, from early generation through to SBT.

Rachel Hartley and Sittingpretty Winter Wonderland
Above: Myself with Sittingpretty Winter Wonderland

I have always had a huge passion for cats. During my teens whilst living with my parents, I grew up with two beautiful black and white DSH (domestic shorthair) cats called Sophie and Oscar. Oscar was a singleton kitten born to Sophie under my bed.

My first cats called Sophie and Oscar
Above: Myself with my first pet cats Sophie and Oscar

In 2007, my husband and I moved into our first house. Shortly after we bought our first pet Bengal called Twinkle. I immediately fell in love with the breed and quickly acquired two more Bengal pets called Smudge and Honey.

My pet Bengal Twinkle
Above: My pet Bengal cat Twinkle
My pet Bengals Smudge and Honey
Above: My pet Bengals Smudge and Honey

I then decided I wanted to become a breeder so I left my position as an in house Graphic Designer, registered with Tica and GCCF and established Sittingpretty Cats.

Sittingpretty Tica Cattery Registration
Above: Tica Cattery Registration Certificate for Sittingpretty
Sittingpretty GCCF Cattery Registration
Above: GCCF Prefix Registration Certificate for Sittingpretty

I began breeding Bengals in 2008 and Savannahs in 2009. My first Bengal Queen was a brown marbled girl called Coco and my first Savannah Queen was a brown spotted girl called Maddie.

My first Bengal Queen Coco
Above: My first Bengal Queen Coco
My first Savannah queen Maddie.My first Savannah queen Maddie.
Above: My first Savannah Queen Maddie

I breed because cats are my passion and I want to share these majestic breeds with others. It is a huge misconception that legitimate breeders make a lot of money from breeding. The reality is that we are lucky to break even. I have to work an enormous amount of hours a week to be able to afford and achieve my breeding program.

Despite being a full time mum to a young boy and beingin full time employment, I spend every spare minute with my cats and kittens to ensure their health and happiness. I pride myself on producing kittens that are highly socialised and I think my customer feedback reflects this.

My little boy and my pet Bengal Smudge
Above: My son Buddy with my pet Bengal Smudge

Over the years I have invested a great deal of money, time and effort into my breeding stock. I am very proud to have Bengals and Savannahs of outstanding type and pedigree. And I will continue to work with others to further both breeds to the best of my ability.

During 2012, my husband and I relocated and ronovated our current house, where we have also built luxurious and spacious living quarters for our breeding cats and their kittens. This move has not only allowed me to better accommodate my cats and visitors, but it has allowed me to proceed with a new early generation breeding program. I now breed from second generation/F2 through to SBT.

A photograph of my kitten room
Above: A photograph of my kitten room
A photograph of my kitten room
Above: A photograph of my kitten room

All of my cats are health screened and have been DNA tested for PK Deficiency and PRA-b (both with Langford Veterinary Services). I am now working my way through ultrasound screening each one of them also for HCM (working with verified Cardiologist Hannah Stephenson).

During 2017, I have significantly reduced my number of Bengal cats as from 2018, I will mainly be concentrating on breeding Savannah cats.

I hope you enjoy the website and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like any further information.

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